The Israeli laboratory Animal Forum (ILAF) was founded in 1998 and registered as a non-profit organization in 1999 by the founding members who included veterinarians, researchers and technicians working in laboratory animal medicine. Since 2001 the Forum has maintained professional ties with European societies of laboratory animals   and represents Israel in the field of laboratory animal medicine.

The aim of ILAF is to function as acentral, professional body in the field of laboratory animal research (in Israel).  ILAF organizes professional meetings and conferences, updates its members on current issues related to the profession and serves as a meeting place for exchange of ideas and for discussion of professional problems posed by its members.

ILAF unites veterinarians working in the field of laboratory animal medicine, researchers in the field of biology,  toxicology and biotechnology, senior technicians, representatives of commercial companies in the field of laboratory animals, and companies dealing with specific equipment for the maintenance and treatment of laboratory animals. Members of  ILAF include veterinarians certified in Israelas experts in laboratory animal medicine as well as those who have achieved recognition of their expert status in Europe and the USA.

הפורום הישראלי לחיות מעבדה

ILAF is an affiliate member of the Federation of  European Laboratory Animal Science associations (FELASA)

ILAF was established to advance laboratory animal medicine in Israel.  The Forum encourages and assists member veterinarians during their specialization to obtain specialist status both in Israel and in Europe.

In this regard  ILAF has undertaken the following steps:

1.  Any trainee who would like to obtain information and contact European organizations is invited to approach one of the members of ILAF s directorate who will assist him in this matter.

2. ILAF is in contact with European organizations with the aim of obtaining recognition of Israeli institutions for the purpose of European specialization.

We work towards providing information to the general public regarding the significance of medical research, the vital role of laboratory animals in this field, its achievements and the difficulties that lie in its path. We are working to educate school-going children and youth regarding the great importance of medical research.

You can contact us by writing to : [email protected]

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